Thursday 1 January 2015

My 366 Project: COMPLETED

The project was successfully completed and I achieved my New Year's Resolution for 2012 to complete this project.

Thank you to all who supported this project!

The final photo and the final day - goodbye.

What more can I say?

Check out the About page for more details on this project.

The journey continues in 365 FRAMES 2015...

It's A Habit: The Photographs and Philosophy of my 366 Project

This summative video is a little something I always intended to put together when I first initiated this 366 Project; it was for this reason that I decided I would also produce a number of blogs over the project's duration so as to provide me with plenty of reflective material that I could combine with the photo montage.

As it stands, I am somewhat surprised with just how good it has turned out. I always wanted it to be good, but I never thought it would turn out to be this good.

As with my final vlog, which I recorded 6 months after finishing this project, this summative montage video was something I just did not have the steam to produce immediately after finishing the project at the beginning of 2013 . Certainly, I think this says an awful lot for the advantages for giving yourself a bit and time and space away from something with which you have become intimately acquainted.

However, I have made it now at the close of 2014, as it serves as the perfect warm up and lead into my 365 project for 2015...

366 Project Photo Collage - The Final 366 Photographs

All 366 final photographs collected together into one collage.

My 2012 in 6,505: The Unused Photos (Stop Motion) of my 366 Project

Naturally, when you take a photo a day for a whole year then you will generate some photos that you will not use, but that does not mean that you should throw them away or delete them. While I was undertaking this project, I was very aware that I could make something out of all the unused photographs I was generating; I did not know what I would do with them, but I decided I would keep them all and see what ideas grew out of it.

However, it never occurred to me that what I had sitting on my harddrive was a series of short stop motion animation sequences chronicling an entire year; I only became aware of this after I exported a slideshow of the photos from Picasa and then took that 1 hour and 30 minutes video and speeded it up in my editing software. Ultimately, the above video grew out of that sped-up stop motion slideshow.

Ultimately, I am glad that I have produced this companion video to the main It's a Habit: The Photographs and Philosophy of my 366 Project summative video, because it offers a quirky alternative viewpoint of this project from my point of view and has been instrumental in determining the approach I am going to adopt in my 365 Project for 2015. 365 FRAMES 2015 will not just be individual photos for each day of 2015, it's going to be a little bit more expansive than that.

366 Project Photo Collage - The Unused Photographs

All 6,505 photos. This collage includes the final, the un-photoshopped originals and the unused photographs.

My 366 Project, Vlog 4: Retrospective

In which I look at habits, change and bring my 366 project to its conclusion.

Monday 31 December 2012

My 366 Project: Day 366

My 366 Project: Day 366 by theNonIrishJazzman
31/12/2012. The end has come. 2012 has been a very, very, very productive and an extremely fulfilling year! Although, it has felt more like three years (year 1: Jan-May, year 2: June-Sep, year 3: Oct-now). With this final photo my 366 project comes to its conclusion and my 2012 New Year's resolution attains its completion - if you put your mind to it you really can accomplish anything! Happy New Year everyone :D