My name is Peter O'Brien, welcome to 366 FRAMES 2012: My 366 Project.


366 FRAMES 2012 was a 366 photography project in which I took a photo a day for a whole year. I undertook the project as my New Year's Resolution for 2012 and it was a project that I successfully completed! 

"This project, surprisingly, has had huge implications, I think even above and beyond what people would think it would obviously have just being a basic way of exercising my photographic skills, which it has done, but above and beyond that it has done so much more..."

All of the photos are collected on this blog. 

The blog is pretty self-explanatory.

Obviously, there:

However, if you would like a quick and easy overview of the final 366 photographs and what I ultimately gained from undertaking this project, have a watch of It's a Habit: The Photographs and Philosophy of my 366 Project...

There is also a quirky companion video that presents an alternative stop motion look at my 366 project...

Finally, there is also a follow up to this project: 365 FRAMES 2015: A 365 Project

Oh, just one more thing - Happy New Year!